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For a writer, nothing could be more exciting than publishing your first book. However, times have changed. Now you don't have to wait till a savvy editor likes your book and publishes it for you. You can easily publish your book yourself in a few simple steps and even retail it for sale in the UK and worldwide as well. Self publishing is exceiting yet demanding work, one of the better ways to approach it would be to see site as project. To effectivly run any project taking a few project management online courses is a big help. There are plenty of ways you can self publish, with many companies offering reasounable printing services.

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Free self-publishing websites

This is actually the very first thing you should check out when you are considering publishing your own writing. Now websites like Blurb offer writers a simple working platform that literally has everything. All the writer has to do is upload the content. From there, the writer can use free formatting software, free Adobe design software and even presentation software to create a complete online book in less than 48 hours. The book is then listed on the site for free or for sale depending on what you want. There are many other websites that offer this same service and we recommend you choose a local UK website to provide targeted readers and potential sales.

Use a self-publishing house

Just as you would have a self-publishing website, now there are self-publishing houses as well. The process is simple. You approach the house and they will print the book for you after you pay the printing costs for the book upfront. There are different packages for customers and you can choose the simplest one to start with. Be a little careful of "vanity publishers" who promise to print and sell your book but actually do nothing but charge you a bomb for the printing service.

Put your book online through free reader websites

The unique thing about the internet is that almost everything is legal. If you are in the process of writing a book but you need reader cooperation, you should try publishing your book in installations. This is now the most popular method of printing and selling books online. Not only is the writer assured of constant feedback but he also knows how many people are actually reading the next installation or chapter of his book. We cannot really recommend any website here but take the time to search online and there are many easy, cheap options open for writers.

Conventional publishing

You can try paying for the publishing yourself and this is very common. All you have to do is ask a publishing house to print the book and you pay the costs upfront. Bulk deals are mandatory here and you will have to print at least 10,000 books to make it worthwhile for the printer.

The internet has literally made content publishing as easy as pie. All you have to do is find a good website that will list your e-book for sale or free readership and that's it. With a little savvy internet marketing and viral videos, your booklet printing UK might literally be read by millions of online viewers all over the world.

What more could you ask for?